Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure® Recruitment
Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure®
Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure® Recruitment

Upcoming Test Development Opportunities

A Marker Response Selection Meetng is being planned for February 2021 for the following field:

Test development activities are planned for May 2021 and beyond for the following fields:

The first step is to complete and submit an application. Once an application is received, an educator's qualifications will be reviewed in regard to test fields planned for updating and committee needs. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (the Department) will review applications and approve educators for participation.

Selected educators will be sent an invitation to participate in a conference once dates and locations are finalized. Approved participants can accept or decline the invitation based on their availability. Note that declining an invitation to an activity does not exclude you from being invited to future development conferences.

Apply today, and nominate or invite a colleague to apply!

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